We interrupt all other news to tell you that UC Berkeley fraternities are out of control. Whodathunk it? According to Inside Edition the neighborhood just outside the Cal campus "is under siege by out of control fraternities." You know, those antiquated college institutions known for late-night partying, homoerotic initiation requirements, nubile boys, and rape. Anyway, it's an old-ish story, but now that Inside Edition is on it, so are we.

One neighborhood resident, Paul Ghysels, fears for his safety after his "home was viciously broken into" by frat boys. Ghysels goes on to claim that they "smashed in a door, broke a window, they urinated and vomited on all of our furniture and rugs." (He has since installed a camera that has captured all sorts of drunken tomfoolery.)

Ghysels has filed a class action lawsuit against all 35 fraternities near the campus.

Texas lawyer Jim Ewbank, attorney for all 35 fraternities on campus had the nerve to say that "the lawsuit is without merit," adding, "We tend to see those sensational incidents, which nobody condones by the way, as isolated and not a pattern of behavior." Ewbank tells Law.com that this is nothing more than a "monster litigation that's going to be endless in terms of fees."

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