The successes and limitations of McSweeney's Panorama experiment have been duly noted and recorded, and now a new gang of print media die-hards are trying something different to bring some 21st century speed to the genre. 48 Hour Magazine is launching their Issue Zero at the end of next week, and submissions for the inaugural volume open and shut within 24 hours, with the whole thing sent to print 24 hours after that.

Kind of novel, no? Some notable writers have, they say, already signed on as (paid?) contributors, and we'll be curious to see the quality and newsworthiness of the final product. The theme for the first issue will be announced on May 7th. Though the issue will be sent to print on the 9th, it's unclear when and where copies will be distributed, or how long after that we'll see the next issue. As for the business model: "Every dollar that comes in or goes out will be transparent. We have a handful of sponsor slots open and we're going to sell the magazines at a slight markup over the production cost." Best of luck, kids! We wouldn't want to be on the graphic design team for this! [via Eye On Blogs]