Following three recent, violent attacks on elderly Asian-American people by young African-American men in both SF and Oakland, Gavin is holding a conference today to discuss growing tensions within the two communities. Tomorrow afternoon, Asian-American community leaders will be convening a public meeting on the steps of City Hall to draw attention to the issue as well.

We mentioned the tragic death last week of SF resident Tian Sheng Yu, 59, who was beaten in broad daylight in Oakland after he confronted two 18-year-old African-American men who had allegedly hit his son.

And you may also recall the T-line attacks on an 83-year-old Asian man and a 57-year-old Asian woman in recent months. The 83-year-old, Huan Chen, eventually died from his injuries and there remain no suspects in that case.

Newsom, for his part, says he is taking the disturbing trend "very, very seriously."