We never had the chance to attend the prom during our halcyon high school days, but wish we had. It turns out, if the post-prom festivities at at the Marriot Hotel on South Amphlett Blvd. are any indication, it's quite the exciting event. See, early Sunday morning, police responded to several reports of multiple stabbings at the San Mateo hotel that hosted the prom and several prom parties. "When police arrived at the hotel’s parking lot, they discovered four males, between 16 and 19- years-old, all with stab wounds."

None of the injuries were life-threatening.

It is believed that the four prom attendees all knew each other and went stab-happy following an altercation. But? Their bloody mischief wasn't about to dampen spirits. Cole Weber, 16, told KTVU, "We thought we were going to have a lot of fun, but it kind of killed the mood a little bit." No kidding. And 18-years-old Trey Franco kept his sights on the silver lining, declaring, "We weren’t going to let it stop us, though. I mean, it's my senior prom, so we weren't going to let it stop us. We were just going to have fun and keep going with our night. Try not to think about it, have fun."