San Francisco’s City Attorney Dennis Herrera has called for a boycott of Arizona over the state's new (and frightening) immigration law (SB 1070) which was signed by Governor Jan Brewer on Friday. In a written statement, Herrera said:

Arizona has charted an ominous legal course that puts extremist politics before public safety, and betrays our most deeply-held American values. Just as it did two decades ago when it refused to observe Martin Luther king Jr. Day, Arizona has again chosen to isolate itself from the rest of the nation. Our most appropriate response is to assure that their isolation is tangible rather than merely symbolic. San Francisco should lead the way in adopting and aggressively pursuing a sweeping boycott of Arizona and Arizona-based businesses until this unjust law is repealed or invalidated. My office is fully committed to work with San Francisco city departments and commissions to identify all applicable contracts, and to pursue termination wherever possible.

Tomorrow the Board of Supervisors "plan to vote on an emergency measure to officially boycott Arizona," reports True/Slant. "I feel the city and county of San Francisco has to take a stand against what's happened in Arizona," Supe David Campos told SF Weekly. "The law they've enacted is really an affront to the basic principles of the constitution."

Los Angeles paper La Opinión has also called for an economic boycott.