by Matt Baume

Things the National Organization for Marriage hates: gays. Things the National Organization for Marriage loves: cialis.

Don't believe us? Fine: go check out their site.

Google terms like "nom blog" or "nom homosexual" or "nom marriage" -- you'll find the usual rhetoric about gays undermining the sanctity of Elizabeth Taylor's ninth marriage. But you'll also find links to, the organization's blog, alongside such tantalizing excerpts from their site as "viagra discount" and "Dear Friends of Marriage, cialis," and "Gallagher rested her defense of marriage on a question of truth. Buy viagra online, She said."

Click on any of the Google hits for, and you'll be redirected to an oh-so-tasteful and not-at-all-sketchy online pharmacy. Ha! Nice company you're keeping, there, NOM.

So, what's really going on here? Well, a peek at their HTML reveals that they're using notoriously-vulnerable Wordpress to manage their blog. Our guess is that they're running an older version, and neglected to update with the latest security patches.

In other words, NOM was so busy trying to meddle in other peoples' lives that they forgot to keep their own site free from sexy misdeeds. Wasn't there some book about this? Something about noticing a speck of sawdust in your brother's eye?