by Amy Crocker

It's the Yesterday was the last day of Passover so today's our final lunch is all about using up the matzo and distracting yourself until sundown. Today's lunch is therefore not only a meal, but an activity. We will be making Matzo Houses - think of them as Gingerbread Houses, but with matzo. And instead of using frosting for the glue, use peanut butter. Cream cheese is also workable. Feel free to snack as you sculpt - the more matzo you eat now, the less you'll have to waste.

This activity-lunch can have an educational angle as well. If you try to build a Matzo Pyramid, it will help you empathize with the Jewish slaves in Egypt. It is after all, extremely difficult to cut matzo into triangles without having them crumble. Building the pyramid will cost you much time and frustration.

We also recommend using the matzo and peanut butter as bricks and mortar. Stack small pieces of matzo with a thin layer of peanut butter in between to make the Western Wall. If you have time, you can build the entire Second Temple of Jerusalem out of matzo. Then when you eat, the meal will become a re-enactment of the Roman sacking.

Get creative with this lunch. The more you think about it, the more aspects of Jewish history you will be able to create out of matzo.