Regular readers know that SFist loves nothing more than neighborhood nomenclature -- especially when the naming is unauthorized. For example, we prefer to think of SFist being headquartered not in SOMA, but in the LORI (Lower Outer Rincon Hill.) NOPA, we should point out, has an irresistible, fury-inducing zest that just won't quit. And now, at least according to Flickr, the SOMISSPO hood (the nexus of Mission, SOMA, and Potrero Hill neighborhoods) is an official designation.

Back in 2007, SFist discussed seeing the nascent-christened "MISO" listed in now-defunct TODO Magazine. Curbed followed with a poll on re-naming the quaint yet desolate space near the design center and Club Mighty, with readers misguidedly choosing "The Submission" as the new name.

Fortunately, Flickr knows better.