In what could very well be the most exhilarating to happen to San Francisco since the Presidio trampoline park, a bushel of Canadians are setting up a 600-footer in Justin Herman Plaza last this month. Our friends to the north -- like us, only hoped up on Aero bars and prescription-free codeine -- are installing the high ride to get locals interested in vacationing in Canada. Which is nothing short of brilliant; zip-lines look like loads of fun. Also, "a couple Olympics gold medalists will be on hand to demonstrate the zip-line and sign autograph," Curbed tells us.

According to the press release, which you can read at SF Citizen, "there are no age restrictions, but guests must weigh more than 65 pounds and no more than a maximum of 275 pounds. The ride will be free of charge."

The zip-line will be ready for business starting April 8 to 18.