SF Examiner has details that ABC is filming the a new police pilot in SF. It's called True Blue. It will star Scott Foley, Marc Blucas and Theo Huxtable. And we can't imagine it doing well. TV is focused onendearing family dramas right now (Brothers & Sisters, Parenthood, Modern Family). What's more, we cannot imagine it winning an Emmy Award. Like, "And the Emmy goes to...True Blue" doesn't quite roll off the tongue. But we like being proved wrong with television shows we judge too soon, too harshly. (Breaking Bad and The Hills being two recent examples of shows we initially craped until further viewing. Even though The Hills transformed into dried fecal mater after LC left the show, so...we digress.) Anyway, SF Appeal has more details about ABC's latest attempt into the cop show genre. Let's hope it fairs better than NBC's disastrous Trauma.

What we would like, however, is for Bravo to discover San Francisco. Billed as the gayest watchable network on TV right now, they have no plans, as for as we know, to film a Real Housewives cycle here in picture-perfect Baghdad by the Bay. We see nothing in Variety or Hollywood Insider. Atlanta, New York, Orange County, and even New Jersey get to to degrade themselves with a patented Real Housewives spectacle. Why can't we?

Or, better yet, give us a gender-bending Real Husbands of San Francisco, showcasing the many fine, very wealthy, penis-carrying elite? And it should only star the finest SF-based men who love men. (That is to say, no transplant Castro trolls, politicians, or wonks who threaten your Editor with litigation after seeing them come out of a gay bar bathroom covered in Peruvian flake. Ahem.) Last October, Popnography had a piece claiming that Bravo producers were "looking for 'high rolling, affluent, social, stylish couples.'" Though that rumor fizzled out, we think locals like Joel Goodrich would be nothing short of sheer fucking genius on a Bravo-crafted show.

Hop to it, Bravo. Please.