SF Zoo's Tony the tiger is our kinda guy: a little bit on the geriatric side, a little clumsy, and a whole lot of adorable. Yesterday, according to BCN (via SF Appeal), Tony the tiger got stuck inside the tiger grotto moat. Which is sad since, according to the zoo, it is one of his favorite places to chill.

In order to move the 360-pound tiger, firefighters and zoo keepers anesthetized the big cat, then "crews moved Tony onto a board and lifted him out with a combination of people-power and the mechanical advantages of a pulley system." A "drugged and subdued" Tony was extracted from the area and "temporarily moved to the Lion House, where he will remain until the zoo figures out how to geriatrify' the outdoor exhibit."

San Francisco Zoo keepers, we should point out, "waited four days before requesting the assistance of the fire department to fetch Tony."

Tony, who is 18-years-old (90 in human years), is reportedly in good shape all things considered. Here are some images of the zoo crew and firefighters rescuing the big cat.