At an event hosted by the League of Young Voters, Supervisor Eric Mar had some provoking comments about recent city worker layoffs. Though the plan to layoff some 15,000 city workers then rehire them with a 37.5 hour work week would "put $110 million back into the city’s leaking coffers," Richmond Blog reports, Mar slammed it as "totally the wrong thing to do."

Mar took it one step further by calling the layoffs "racist and sexist." He told the crowd that City Hall's attempt at balancing the budget "off the backs of the lowest paid workers - the janitors, custodians, secretaries and others that are some of the hardest working people in the city - is unfair and a slap in the face. And racist as well because it impacts - racist and sexist as well - because of how it was done."

Well then.

On the brighter side of the night, Mar also revealed, during a game of "human bingo," that he is saddled with being left-handed, has a twin sibling (hey, us too!), played basketball in Jr. High, and plays trumpet.

[via SF Appeal]