Puck (nee David Rainey), MTV Real World: San Francisco's grubby bike messenger, is "hospitalized in San Diego following a terrifying car wreck that left the reality star and his 8-year-old son seriously injured," reports TMZ. While driving along Route 79 during a father-son trip on Friday, Puck swerved to avoid hitting a deer and ended up rolling down an embankment, landing upside down in a creek. TMZ goes on to say: "The two were transported to nearby hospitals where doctors discovered Puck had broken bones in both feet, his right hand, his neck ... and fractured his sternum and clavicle." Puck, if you recall, did not get along with his roommates, shoved his fingers in Pedro's peanut butter, and introduced the world to "snot rockets."

Update: It looks like the swerved-to-miss-a-deer story was a fib--at least according to cops at the scene. Puck, it seems, "was allegedly blasted when he wrecked his car last week." In addition to getting busted for driving under the influence, the former reality star "will also be booked for child endangerment."