Are you one of those hapless souls who keep Muni buses from moving because your flimsy dollar bills just won't fit into the fare box? We sure are. And we hate it. We're always trying to cram our two worn-out bills into the tight slot. And we can feel the passengers on the bus wishing us dead since the driver won't move until we cross the sacred yellow line. It consumes us.

Fortunately, Ice Tubes has helpful tips on getting your bills into the slot. He suggests two things: either "[f]old your bill in half the long way. (Aside from making you look cool, this will make it easier for the fare box to catch the bill)." The slot isn't a scanner, so you can get it in there via the folding method. Which: ingenious.

Or, Ice Tubes also recommends "stack[ing] two bills on top of each other. (Two worn out bills combined to form one sort-of-kinda-decent bill)." Again: ingenious.

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