After a menacing political battle -- which, outside the Capitol before President Obama's speech on Saturday, included Tea Party protesters shouting "faggot" and "nigger" to members of Congress, like Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mass.) and John Lewis (D-Ga.) -- the much ballyhooed bill reforming America's health care system was passed on Sunday."

With a 219-212 vote, not a single, tenacious Republican supported the measure. And the Republican who threw the loudest temper tantrum was not a politician, but (un-American?) radio show host Rush Limbaugh. The bulldog (and, yes, entertaining) talk show host promised to leave the country if heath care reform passes, which is most likely come Tuesday. Costa Rica, according to Limbaugh, will have the pleasure of housing the radio giant.

Barbara Streisand, if you recall, also threatened to leave the U.S. when Bush was reelected President.

So, why does Limbaugh want to move south of the border? Because he, like many, are under the impression that Obama wants to steal your grandparents dentures in the middle of the night and sell them on Ebay to fund his stimulus package and allow terrorist socialists to escape captivity to find shelter in the dog house in your back yards. This just isn't the case. When health care reform is signed on Tuesday, the bill would, among other things, require employers to offer coverage to employees or pay a fine and insure coverage to 32 million uninsured people, including an estimated 8 million Californians. (However, it probably won’t have a public option to hold private insurance accountable.) This will, according to the New York Times, "be the most sweeping social program since Medicare was enacted in 1965."

Update: As SFist's most annoyed commenter points out, Rush isn't going anywhere. Alas.