We received a heads-up about another great blog, Cry It Out, by SF stay-at-home dad Mike Adamick, who was also featured on Eye on Blogs the other day. Mike's a high-profile writer -- take a look at his impressive credentials. Which leads us to the question regarding busy parents, which we've been asking ourselves a lot these days, how does the housework get done? Keep the links/tips coming in!

The latest post on Cry It Out touches on what many parents fear: What if their child grows up favoring the opposite set of ideals than his/her parents, a la Alex P. Keaton?

Mike's daughter has recently been using phrases favored by Sarah Palin and this contributor's grandfather, such as "youbetcha," which is definitely much more endearing/genuine-sounding coming from the toddler and retiree set. (And it's an indicator of who Palin is trying to appeal to.) But what can you do besides "be yourself," teaching by example without trying to force any issues or unfulfilled dreams onto your kids? Easier said than done.