Humboldt County hippie and author, Lierre Keith, was spattered with delicious cream pies Saturday afternoon as she was speaking at the 15th Annual Bay Area Anarchist Book Fair down at the Cow Palace (or someplace). Apparently, the recovering vegan and author of The Vegetarian Myth, a book that supposedly suggests that all agriculture should be eliminated and every human on this planet should take up hunting and gathering (because, you know, that's practical), was giving a talk and had only managed to utter a denouncement of factory farmed meat before being attacked by black clad, pro-life hippies screaming, "Go Vegan." The attack reportedly prompted some cheers from the audience as well as a flurry of anti-war/no war for oil/pro-DC statehood/liberate Palestine/stop animal testing leafleting. Apparently, as if smacking someone in the face with a pie weren't bad enough, the cream filling was laced with chili peppers to prompt maximum discomfort. Mean!

Pie attack supporters, the North American Animal Liberation Press Office, accused Lierre of being an "animal holocaust denier," and berated her for calling the cops, (aka "agents of state oppression" in their quaint hippie lingo).

For her part, Lierre poo-pooed the attack, stating, "If this is what is considered radical action, this movement is dead."

No?! You think? White people.

The attack was caught on video and has been posted on YouTube, complete with a Benny Hill inspired score. Enjoy.