In honor of St. Patrick's Day (remember, fellow redheads, tomorrow we drink for free!), aptly-named Allison McCarthy at 7x7 Magazine came up with a handy list ranking the top ten San Francisco Irish pubs in which to blackout. And we'll spill a few -- just a few -- of them for you. Ahem: 10. The Liberties ("warm wood accents," BLT with Irish bacon); 9. The Chieftain (drunk SF Chronicle ilk); 8., Kennedy's (curry and air hockey); 7. Durty Nelly's ("where the real Irish men hang out"); 6. The Phoenix ("rub elbows with hipsters"); 5. Little Shamrock (second oldest bar in the city); 4. Buena Vista Café (birthplace of the Irish coffee). For the top three spots, head over to 7x7.