FILM: Director Cathy Cook explores the life of poet Lorine Niedecker, who has been described as the 20th century's Emily Dickinson, in her film, Immortal Cupboard: In Search of Lorine Niedecker, which "weaves an elaborate document from Niedecker's biography, literary associations (with poets Cid Corman and Louis Zukofsky) and her midwestern environs." Cook and Poet Jonathan Skinner will talk about their knowledge of Niedecker at the screening.

8 p.m. // Artists' Television Access (992 Valencia St) // $8

ART: Lower Haters Gallery presents New works by Jimmy DiMarcellis & Jerry Ilkenhons. Jimmy DiMarcellis aka Porous Walker, who's been described as always having something up his sleeve, has been featured in galleries and countries all over the world, and Jerry Ilkenhons "likes pizza, star wars, comic books, N Judah, tattoos, flirting, birds, hugs and kisses, etc." Not much has been divulged about the show, but we hear there will be some quirky drawings.

7 to 11p.m. // Lower Haters Gallery (597 Haight St) // free

PARTY: The creators of "Yipe! 5: Attack of Idle Hands," a new retro role playing iPhone game featuring a pack of zombie rabbits, are having a Launch Party tonight at Modern Relics. The event will feature an art installation by Dylan Sisson (who created the art for the game), and all three colorways of the vinyl collectible zombie rabbit toy, Idle Hands, will be available for collectors, along with a special t-shirt designed by the artist.

6 to 10:30 p.m. // Modern Relics (771 Cabrillo Ave) // free