Never thought you'd see a placard that read "The road to hell is paved with liberals" in Marin County? Well think again.

About 500 members and fans of the Bay Area Patriots, a local arm of the Tea Party movement, met at the Mill Valley Community Center yesterday to bitch about Obamacare and generally watch each others' heads explode about how nobody listens to conservatives anymore and we'd all better arm ourselves for the coming doom before the liberals start rounding up the real Americans and exterminating them!

One attendee, Jerry Leidecker, an American Independent running for Congress, wore a classy shirt showing President Obama with what appeared to be watermelon juice on his lips. While an African American attendee, 47-year-old Carl Smith of Novato, insisted, "I don't hang around with racists." And even more intriguing, he says that President Bush "did more for African Americans than any president in history."