The food cart craze has taken off over the last couple of years. (So much so that people are more than willing to wait an hour to eat grub served to them... from a truck. Shudder.) But what a ride it's been, yes? On Saturday, a car company-sponsored "Best Of Tours" took to the streets -- taking your hungover SFist and other local food scribes around town for a day of binge eating -- hitting such gastronomic hot spots as Fisherman's Wharf, Let's Be Frank at Crissy Field, Veronica Salazar's El Huarache Loco at Alemany Farmers Market, and the Creme Brulee Cart outside La Cocina.

But most crucially? Is what happened on Sunday. Gold medal-winning Olympian / Food Network host / San Franciscan Brian Boitano hawked his goods at Precita Park. His cart, adorned with "I Cart the Cheese" and "Lutz and Lutz of Cheese" on the sides, served dairy goods to the masses. SF Weekly's Tamara Palmer was fortunate enough to capture the savory glory. Each selling for a mere $1 a piece, Boitano served up grilled cheese sandwiches with red onion jam, "herb-dusted halloumi cheese," and a mac and cheese made with bechamel, fontina, Gouda, and Asiago.

Read more about Boitano's day at Precita Park (which, of course, doubled as a commercial for the upcoming season of What Would Brian Boitano Make?.

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