Admit it, your saliva glands went into overdrive when Glenn Close did this. Because no matter which way you slice them, bunny rabbits hit your senses in just the right places. Whether it be the Easter bunny's baskets, the Cadbury Bunny's annual high of ovular fructose, or rabbits seared crisp with the perfect amount of thyme, rabbit should be cherished on many levels.

So, head over to Bar Tartine tonight for East Meats West II, featuring Devil's Gulch rabbit and wine pairings. Chefs Chris Kronner of Bar Tartine in San Francisco and Sean Rembold of Diner in Brooklyn will team up to create a 5-course meal that will have your taste buds hopping with joy. (In all seriousness, rabbit is delicious -- especially during the glacial winter evenings.)

The menu boasts rabbit charcuterie (rabbit sausage; rabbit en gelee; smoked rabbit loin; toast, pickles and mustard), "breakfast for dinner" (fried tartine brioche; sautéed rabbit livers; hollandaise sauce), rabbit legs various ways (hind leg al mattone; crispy fried fore leg; sweetbread country gravy; little city greens; twice baked parsnips) and more.

What's more, a portion of the proceeds will go to the Devils Gulch fund to help the community in Haiti that they serve.

What: Rabbit Redux
Where: Bar Tartine, 561 Valencia (at 16th Street)
Time: 6 or 9 p.m. seatings
Cost: $100 (For 6pm tickets, go here. For 9pm ticket, go here.)