Breaking Muni-related news coming in this morning, so breaking it merits CBS 5's scary red border box of alarm: "There are reports of a fatal accident involving an SF Muni bus and a power pole near the intersection of Mission and Santa Rosa streets."

We'll update as soon as we know more.

Update: Oh oh. CBS 5, it seems was wrong, or so says SF MTA spokesman Judson True. Here are the facts: "At approximately 10:00 a.m., the trolley pole of a 49 Van Ness-Mission bus traveling inbound on Mission at Santa Rosa reportedly became stuck in a support wire for the overhead Muni wires. The trolley pole caused the support wire to vibrate, which reportedly dislodged two streetlights on either side of the street."

But? There was no death. Zero, zip, nothing. True goes on to explain that "[o]ne of the streetlights struck a pedestrian, who was transported to San Francisco General Hospital with non-life threatening injuries (according to the San Francisco Fire Department). Another pedestrian was also reportedly struck by the streetlight but refused aid."

Also, Muni service on Mission Street in the Excelsior was disrupted for about 45 minutes. Things should be back to normal now.