“Word up” to local advice columnist, Chuck Nevius, for turning us on to the latest unsavory scandal to erupt like wildfire through the normally buttoned-down Tenderloin District. It would appear that Mike Powers, the Mickey Rourke-in-a-hearing-aid looking owner of The Power Exchange, has found the perfect new location for his sexy naked time club - immediately next door to a school for poor, refugee orphan children. Only in San Francisco? Only in Poland.

Of course, the sudden invasion of encounter-seeking ladies and gentlemen (ew!) has apparently resulted in herds of traumatized, burlap sack-clad children wandering the Tenderloin in a confused daze:

"There are 3,500 kids in this community," said Marie-France Ladine, principal of the burdened school, the San Francisco City Academy. "They're poor, they're scared, and a lot of them don't speak English. They have no voice."

Got it. Children. Who will think of them if not us. So on, so forth. Whatever. If only we had all voted in favor of giant digital billboards on Market Street, then there would be plenty of American dollars for arts and crafts to divert the poor Tenderloin children's attention away from the non-stop cavalcade of tits and ass that marches through their neighborhood. But we digress.