Mindy and Rowdy
10 & 8 year old

Rowdy and his big sister Mindy have run into some rough times over the years. The first part of their life was spent living mostly outside - although they were surrounded by other dogs, kitties, birds and young children. Their family recently lost their home, and reluctantly relinquished these two sweets to one of our partner rescues. We brought them here to give them some spotlight time, and a chance at finding a loving home to settle back into. It is imperative that they stick together - they’ve been through thick and thin together, and to see them separated would break not only our, but their hearts.

Gentle Rowdy depends on his big sis to comfort and guide him, as he is a bit shy about new places and people. Mindy is certainly the more out going of the pair - as she’s the wise and experienced lady. These two enjoy long naps, a slow walk around the neighborhood, followed by perhaps another long nap. Stuffy toys and chewy treats are their favorites, but not to be outdone by a good squeaky toy. The affection these two share is obvious from the moment you meet them - they don’t take their eyes off each other, and can’t stand to be more than a few feet apart.