Already sending readers into numbing states of fury at BoingBoing, The Pad, a yoga studio in the Marina district, put out this sign asking for old yoga mats to send to Port-au-Prince quake victims.

Horrifying, right?

Not so. See, SFist called The Pad today see if, in fact, they were asking Haitians to eat cake. The receptionist at The Pad, who sounded exasperated with the (unfair) mini-flame war being directed at the small studio, explained to us,"the yoga mats are being used as makeshift beds in Haiti, not for yoga ... We've already sent loads of them over." (One commenter at Mission Mission already pointed this out.)

To reiterate, The Pad isn't worried about Haitians being able to do the downward dog on a soft spot; they're worried about providing the earthquake-stricken country with makeshift beds. Deep abdominal breaths, people.