Much to the ire of many Dolo Park fans, the popular public park on the nexus of the Mission and the Castro will close entirely during its renovation, estimated to last at least a full year.

Uptown Almanac talked to Supe Bevan Dufty's office, who confirmed the closure.

Nicolas King, an aide to Supervisor Dufty, has confirmed that Dolores Park will be "entirely closed during its renovation." While he was unable to provide a specific date for its closure, the most recent project report indicates construction could begin as soon as August 18th, 2011 or as late as December 18th, 2011 and would be completed in 17 months. Regardless, plan on kicking it elsewhere for 2012.

Initially, only part of the park was expected to close during the much-needed make over.

For those of you who desperately need to find another park in which to frolic, sunbathe, consume contraband booze and smoke marijuana cigarettes, here's a map featuring a slew of privately owned parks in San Francisco.