Uptown Almanac has word that "up to 14 acres" of Dolores Park could close for up to two years while the much-loved park undergoes a city-approved $11.7 million renovation. Kevin Montgomery reports: "New bathrooms, better tennis courts, new playground, better grass for me to be cool on, and the clubhouse (that is currently full of asbestos) will be rebuild and open for community events/soirees/romantic evenings gazing at the skyline/epic keggers. You can read more about it in the official Dolores Park Works document here (warning: PDF!)

It goes without saying, but this is smashingly good news, since the park is in dire need of a makeover.

Montgomery goes on to recommend, for the Mission's highly-visible men-with-moustaches and women-who-dress-like-eight-year-old-girls population, to use Potrero del Sol as an alternative if the park closes.