Travelers at San Francisco International Airport could soon benefit from free wifi access across all airport terminals. Currently those trying to get online need to pay $7.99. But a partnership between SFO and T-mobile might change all that.

“San Francisco International Airport remains committed to providing our passengers with unparalleled safety and security combined with world class customer service,” said Airport Director John L. Martin. “The establishment of free Wi-Fi for our customers at SFO is just one of our many programs that provide our travelers with that world class experience.”

The airport will first run a pilot program, and if that's successful, they'll pursue a long-term agreement with T-mobile. Ideally, the airport would like to use ad-supported revenue to pay for the service. SFO would be joining other hubs that offer the service like Boston, Cleveland, Phoenix and San Jose.

“Ensuring free and unfettered access to the Internet will keep SFO at the cutting edge of international travel as well as the information superhighway,” said Mayor Gavin Newsom.