The anniversary of Roe v. Wade brought out all kinds of crazily passionate folks to the Embarcadero on Saturday. Braving the rain, anti-abortion ilk showed up for the fifth annual Walk for Life West Coast, a march about Jesus. The pro-abortion rights counter-protest, Day of Action for Reproductive Justice, happening at the music concourse (right next to a crazy man shouting about 9/11 being an inside job), was put on by the Bay Area Coalition for Reproductive Rights.

During the big day's climax, the two groups eventually intersected and shouted loud words at one another. According to SF Appeal, someone started singing an old hymn with new lyrics, "Deep in my heart, I do believe, the babies wi-ill live someday." A woman on the Day of Action side held up a sign reading, "Statistically speaking, 1/3 of you have had abortions."

Although past Walk For Life rallies have seen such luminous stars as Gavin Newsom speak out for abortion rights, Saturday's rally saw only Asm. Tom Ammiano brave the rain to speak at the Day of Action rally.

On a personal note, while babysitting our 19-month-old godchild at the Ferry Plaza Wine Merchant on the same day -- really, there's nothing like spending the day with our best little buddy while a glass of shiraz takes the edge off -- we decided to stroll along the Embarcadero to see from where the caterwauling was coming. And: wow. Let us tell you that having a bubbly baby in tow during an abortion rally is a drooling golden ticket to these people. Like a bag of heroin to a gaggle of junkies, eyes glazed-over at the sight of us together. The anti-abortion sect could not have been happier or smile-ier to see us. Shudder.