First Michael Cera cancels (which is just fine), then Conan O'Brien pulls out (understandable given his current situation), and now Neil Patrick Harris has nixed performing at SF Sketchfest. Sad. See, he was supposed to have taken the stage at next Saturday's "Celebrity Autobiography," a show where famous funny types read autobiographies of well-known personalities. (Take, for example, Kristen Wiig reading Suzanne Somers.)

According to the fine folks at SF Sketchfest, "Due to a previously unforseen engagement out of the country that cannot be rescheduled, Neil Patrick Harris has regretfully canceled his appearance at SF Sketchfest."

But! Sexy oaf (one who goes full-frontally naked [NSFW] too) Jason Segel will go on in Harris' place.

Segel, for those of you who aren't fans of CBS comedy programing, stars with Harris on How I Met Your Mother.