We're sorry... we don't mean to sound jaded in the face of a perfectly harmless bit of fun. But given that there are so many such whimsical and playful events endemic to the culture of San Francisco (pillow fights, flash mobs, Folsom Street Fair), forgive us if we just yawn a bit and hope that the recent transplants who are still in their twenties had a swell time being kooky together -- like Candace Leong of Berkeley, who the Chron caught up with, who gave up her rock climbing plans and spontaneously removed her jeans to join in on the fun! Sunday's event, dubbed No Pants 2010, was spearheaded by Improv Everywhere -- an outfit out of NYC that was recently featured on "This American Life" because they ever-so-whimsically ruined the lives of the members of this band. Anyway, here are a couple of pantsless shots, via Flickr. See some more, including some from other cities' simultaneous No Pants parties, here and here.