Congratulations to the MTA are in order. It appears that the Federal Transit Administration has given the thumbs up for final design work to commence on the Central Subway project. In the works for near on 20 years, the much anticipated Central Subway will provide visiting conventioneers at the Moscone Center with quick, immediate access to Union Square shopping and fine dining in the heart of Chinatown (without, like, the actual hassle of a direct connection to those pee-smelling Market Street lines). Riders interested in transferring between the Central Subway and Muni's existing rail line will be welcome to walk through a 10,000 mile long underground tunnel between the Union Square and Powell Street stations. Exercise makes Muni patrons heart healthy!

Unfortunately, it looks as though federal approval came with some conditions, including ensuring that operation of the Central Subway won't interfere with Muni's currently fine level of service. For their part, the MTA has insisted that this will not be a problem. Yeah, as if. You're so cute, Muni.