Oh, Arnold. What will we do without you? On the one hand, you just shouldn't be our governor. (Schwarzenegger seems more fit to run a boutique state, if you will, rather than the highly complicated republic of California.) On the other, you do fun stuff like this. We'll miss you nevertheless.

Schwarzenegger gave his final State of the State address on Wednesday. During his annual speech, a near wrinkle-free Arnold kowtowed to the Limbaugh-loving, Jesus-spewing, gay-bashing ilk by eschewing health care reform. Or what have you. It's turned into yet another strange left vs right issue. Anyway, Schwarzenegger has now withdrew his support for the health care reform measures the Democrats are attempting to finish in D.C.

“While I enthusiastically support health care reform, it is not reform to push more costs onto states that are already struggling while other states get sweetheart deals,” Arnold revealed, going on to throw in this Palinesque tip of the hat, "Health care reform, which started as noble and needed legislation, has become a trough of bribes, deals and loopholes ... You’ve heard of the bridge to nowhere. This is health care to nowhere.”

Schwarzenegger went on to ask California's congressional delegation to stop the federal health care overhaul "unless the package includes billions of dollars more each year for California."

He also urged thew state to spend more money on schools than prisons, said California's budget deficit will be at a whopping $19.9 billion over the next 18 months, and made some sort of yodeling joke.