U.S. District Judge Vaughn Walker ruled today that he will allow cameras to broadcast next week's lawsuit that challenges California's vile same-sex marriage ban. While broadcasting federal trials used to be verboten, "last month a federal appeals court judicial council authorized a pilot program to broadcast some non-jury civil trials in western states," making the same-sex marriage trial, starting on January 11, "the first to be broadcast under the new rule."

Much like those who abhor this map showing who in San Francisco donated to Prop 8, anti-gay proponents looking to strip gays of their rights were just as against cameras in the courtroom since it removed anonymity. Michael Kirk, a hateful lawyer for the anti-gay marriage sponsors, said his "clients opposed broadcasting because they believe some witnesses may be intimidated by cameras." Prop 8 sponsors, you see, are known for extreme cowardice in addition to being dead wrong.

You can check out the trial the day after each hearing. Daily recordings will be "done by court staff members and posted after a delay on YouTube." As always, visit Stop8.org for up-to-the minute alerts on California marriage equality.