Sure, the fight between two ladies on a Muni happened in October. But it deserves repeated viewing. (We don't know about you, but like Mullholand Drive or a rerun of Bad Girls Club, we see something new each time we watch it.) And, at last, we are finally getting official confirmation as to just what, exactly, the non-English speakers were saying on the bus during the brawl. Ying Ma was kind enough to translate the entire thing, perfect for those of us who don't speak/understand Cantonese and Taishanese (the two Chinese dialects used in the video).


Chinese woman throws her bag down on the seat.

In the background, a male Chinese passenger says (in Chinese): “…Hit her back!”

A female Chinese passenger says (in Chinese): “No, don’t hit her…”

Chinese woman to black lady: “Fuck you!”

Black lady: “Put yo’ hands on the [unintelligible].”

Video man: “Just another day on MUNI…fucking MUNI.”

Chinese woman turns around to the other Chinese passengers and frantically says (in Chinese): “…She hogged the seat and refused to let me sit down.”

Black lady: “I guarantee you won’t walk off this bus.”

Gripping stuff, folks. Be sure to read the rest of it.

To watch the video, which is actually quite depressing in an oh-the-humanity kind of way, check out SFist's original post.