The big news this post-Xmas weekend was, of course, that little punk who boarded the plane in Nigeria and tried to blow up that Northwest/Delta flight landing in Detroit on Friday. He failed, of course, but fearing that there are more sleeper operatives out there trying to bring down planes using similar measures, the TSA has imposed a slew of "unpredictable" new restrictions and precautions, including (according to the passengers in the ABC 7 video that follows) not letting passengers out of their seats for the last hour of the flight, and not telling passengers when they would be landing. International travelers are being subjected to all kinds of new pat-downs and interrogations, and there were a number of reported incidents of suspicious persons being escorted off planes.

So we're just wondering, how about you, dear readers? Did anyone witness some of this mayhem aboard planes as you traveled back from visiting Mom and Dad? Were you way-laid in endless security lines? Despite all the annoyance, we're sure you're as glad as we are that you aren't dead, so, there's that, right?