Apparently some local killjoys have decided to piss in Mayor Newsom's punch by questioning the practicality of the City's plans to buy Treasure Island and transform it into the latest and greatest place to enjoy that sustainable, organic San Francisco lifestyle we all know and find annoying. Citing global climate change (now in process) with impending sea level rise on the horizon, critics claim the seismically challenged, already below sea level island will end up less Alice Waters world and more Waterworld; in other words, a big waste of American dollars. Newsom, has dismissed such claims by pointing out that development of the island will be paid for by developers (i.e., suckers), not the City. Plus, added bonus, thousands of jobs will be created as a result of the development process. Current estimates stand at between $1.2 and 1.4 billion to buy the island from the Navy and address all its environmental and infrastructural issues.

What say you, dear readers? Should we transform Treasure Island into San Francisco's answer to Portland's Pearl District or let it sink below the waves like some tacky G.I. Atlantis? You decide.