Water customers in San Francisco, the East Bay, South Bay, and the Peninsula might notice something funky looking with heir tap water. It might look a wee bit cloudy. But relax. According to SFPUC, the cause of the cloudy water is an influx of tiny air bubbles. (But to squelch our paranoia, we're passing our water through the Britta twice.)

Mountain View Voice/Bay City News reports:

The change in the water is due to tiny air bubbles caused when an increased rate of flow from the agency's Sunol Valley Water Treatment Plant allows air to be mixed into the water.

If the water is allowed to stand for a few minutes, the cloudiness will dissipate as the air bubbles rise to the surface and break apart.

Said murkiness is due to work on the regional water system. SFPUC customers, it seems, are currently getting water from local reservoirs in the East Bay and Peninsula, not from the much-loved Hetch Hetchy Reservoir in the Sierra Nevada.

Delicious Hetch Hetchy water should return around Feb. 20.