Listen up, chosen ones: After finishing your orders of beef & broccoli and won tons at your favorite Chinese restaurant, why not celebrate the "birth" of "Jesus Christ" in the Mission with other like-minded souls? HEEB magazine, purveyors of all things hip and Jewish, is throwing a party for SF Jews, as well as the ones who love them, on Christmas Eve. The party is called Heebonism and it all goes down at the Make Out Room.

What will the non-festivities feature? This: DJs Afro Samurai and Avraham Tendler Jr. spinning all night long, the "coolest, hippest, wildest Jews in SF," strip dreidel (oy), gift bags, photo booth with props and a live photographer, excessive noshing from Sugar Cafe, debauchery, and other other surprises.

What: Heebonism
Where: Make Out Room (3225 - 22nd Street, San Francisco)
When: December 24
Time: 8 p.m. to 3 a.m.
How Much: $10