by Daisy Barringer

Well kiddos, that’s a wrap. With their loss against the Eagles yesterday and Arizona’s win against Detroit, the 49ers are officially out of playoff contention. Again. For the seventh year in a row.

It was a painful game to watch due to three Alex Smith INTs and a Delanie Walker fumble 8 yards from the goal line… all in the first half. Even numerous icy cold beers couldn’t help to numb the pain. Combine the horrible play of the 49ers with the third most annoying fans of all time (#1: Dallas, #2: Green Bay, #3: Philadelphia) and it’s a wonder I only threatened to kick one guy’s ass the entire time if he didn’t “shut the fuck up.” Give me a losing football game, a few beers, and a dude with a ponytail in an Eagles’ jersey and I will give you nothing but class!

Speaking of annoying Eagles fans, I have to say: I am done with Kezar (the “Pub & Restaurant” on Stanyan, not the “Bar & Grill” on Cole’ that place is still perfectly mediocre and acceptable). For a bar that is located directly across the stadium where the 49ers began their existence, it’s pretty appalling how little love is given to the home team and fans. Even worse: they’ve let Eagles fans completely take over the joint.