by Moses Namkung

Intrigued by the opportunities to photograph Metric frontwoman Emily Haines and to finally see Vampire Weekend live, we headed out to Oracle Arena to experience Live 105's Not So Silent Night last Friday. The evening, sold out for days, featured a five-band bill weighted towards neo/prog-rock with 30 Seconds to Mars, Muse, and (ugh) AFI also on the program.

After navigating difficulties with press credentials, we finally made it into the photo pit mid-way into Metric's second song. The Canadian quartet's lead singer, Haines, a perennial contender for the title of Stereogum's Miss Indie Rock, was dressed in a shimmering silver outfit and was her usual captivating, dynamic self. But Metric's half hour opening act, which included the hit single "Help, I'm Alive", was too brief for our liking.