Yesterday, controversial SF Chron columnist C.W. Nevius talked about street kids bullying locals in the Haight. Last night, according to SFist commenter jline, the police responded.

Update: the police responded to this news story in a big way tonight. Haight street was absolutely clear of gutter hippies, I don't know how many were hauled away forceably but the rest got the message and eventually Haight was eerily empty except for people smoking outside of the bars. The police kept the pressure on the adjacent streets, too. I'm sure everyone will be back by this weekend, but hopefully the experience will have taught the backpacker homeless community that there are consequences for hassling the locals.

If you come across any bullying in the Haight, call in a report at SFPD's Park Station department at 415-553-0123. (Unless it's a dire emergency in which case you should call 911.)