Though it was shot down last year by local businesses, on Tuesday the city reintroduced legislation that would bar the merciful release of nicotine "near the doors, vents and operable windows of any building, including restaurants, shops, offices and housing complexes."

Supervisor Eric Mar, who sponsored the cigarette hate, says he's doing it to protect "San Francisco's most vulnerable residents from secondhand smoke." Which, we can only assume he's talking about kittens. Anyway, Mar's proposal would, according to reports, "close 'huge loopholes in existing policy' and strengthen public health regulations by expanding the smoking ban in areas where people congregate. This means that lighting up be verboten at "farmers' markets, lines for movie theaters, concerts and sporting events, near ATMs and cab stands, and at the outdoor tables of restaurants." Everywhere, people. Everywhere.

That said, how do you feel about about not being able to smoke your Mores while pulling out a $20?