This interview comes to us via Kevin Meenan of Epicsauce.

As previously discussed, we are eagerly anticipating The Rural Alberta Advantage's return to San Francisco tomorrow night. We recently had the chance to catch up with singer Nils Edenloff via phone about his band's debut Hometowns, their signing to Omaha's Saddle Creek, the Frank Slide, and more.

The Rural Alberta Advantage plays Bottom of the Hill tomorrow night (12/16) with Sonny & The Sunsets and The Shaky Hands. Tickets are $10.

SFist: Your last San Francisco show landed on quite a big week for you guys. Saddle Creek had just re-released your 2008 debut Hometowns, and Pitchfork had given you that big 8.0 review. The response from the audience that night was really remarkable -- I imagine it was quite a change from the Toronto open mic nights where the band got its start. How has this transition from local favorites to must-see touring act been for you guys?

Nils Edenloff: It’s been really fun! [laughs] I think we have all just been really excited about the response we have gotten -- it sort of amps us up when we are playing. I think everyone in music, they hope that they will play for a responsive crowd that is really into it, really excited for the music. And now that this is happening -- it hasn’t diminished how much we enjoy it.