Following in the footsteps of Rita Hao's groundbreaking Swells By The Numbers -- where she carefully deconstructed Catherine Bigelow's "Swells" society column --SFist returns to San Francisco's upper echelon registry with, you guessed it, Social City By The Numbers. And, yep, we'll tally Bigelow's new and marvelously entertaining Social City column for SFGate. Got it? Good.

Number of people pictured in this week's Miss Bigelow's Social City: 79

Minority count: 1 (0.79)

Getty v. Traina: 3-0 (a Getty blowout!)

Number of people whom we recognize: 12 (Stanlee Gatti, Ann Getty, Gavin & Jen, Jerry Brown, Vanessa Getty, Lori Puccinelli Stern, Sonya Molodetskaya and Da Mayor Willie Brown, Gary Danko, Serge and Tatiana Sorokko)

Shots of the luminous Vanessa Getty: 1

Shots that need more Vanessa Getty luminosity: 37

Who was celebrating what?: Google VP getting hitched, composer-philanthropist Gordon Getty turning 76.

The scene: At the Getty bash? Lots and lots and lots of flowers. At Mayer's? It was private (no pics!)

Shots devoted to Mayer: 1

Number of photos of Cynthia Beck, the mistress who fathered Gordon's three illegitimate children: 0

Ann Getty's fruit props: Tower of lemons, Gatti

Number of unruly eyebrows: 2 (George Gund III, Jerry Brown)

Bowties, ties, furs: 8, 26, 3

Servants sneaking in front of the camera: Amy Griffin and her sister, Getty Chef Jennifer Johnson