by Jerry James Stone

Being a car owner in SF is about to get a lot more annoying if increased registration fees are approved in November. One increases state vehicle license registration fees and the other introduces a new congestion tax--as if trying to find parking in the Mission wasn't payment enough.

According to DMV, the cost of registering a $15,000 car in SF would jump from $238.50 to $376; that's almost 60-percent! In addition, The City will be tacking on a $10 congestion tax. If approved, San Francisco's 530,000 registered vehicles would bring in a projected $45 million under the new fees. But, you still won't be able to find parking in the Mission.

Price of owning a vehicle worth $15,000 in San Francisco:

                                                        Now       2011* 

Basic registration fee                      $34         $34

California Highway Patrol fee          $22         $22

Local fees                                       $10         $10

Vehicle licensing fee                       $172.5    $300

Congestion management fee          0            $10

Total                                               $238.50  $376

* If ballot measures pass
(via SF Examiner)
Source: California Department of Motor Vehicles