CABARET: Who is Donna Sachet? Well, for those of you who do not live in San Francisco's homosexual district, The Castro, she is much-loved drag queen best known as the red-drenched co-hostess of the annual Gay Pride parade. Well, she was until last year when Sachet and Jan Wahl were, inexplicable and ignorantly, replaced with a boring girl and that pointless fellow from Queer Eye for the Straight Guy who didn't know anything about San Francisco. And for whatever bizarre reason, those two were magic together. Anyway, while we work on creating a petition to get Sachet and Wahl back for the 2010 Pride Parade, please check out Donna's annual AIDS fundraising show, "Songs of the Season," a music variety show benefiting the AIDS Emergency Fund. (Remember AIDS? You know, that virus turned stand-up comedy bit from which people are still dying?) Cabaret star punk/Judy Garland singer Connie Champagne, and Kim Kuzm will also perform. (Can't make it tonight? No problem. The show goes on Dec 1 & 2.)

8 p.m. // Razz Room (at the Hotel Nikko, 222 Mason) // $50-$75

CLUB: In the Lower Haight, the party still pops at "I Hate Monday" (aside: why didn't the name it "I Haight Monday," because the bad pun is just so obvious.) DJ Imani spins a different decade of music every week.

10 p.m.-2 a.m. // Underground SF (424 Haight) // free