On this relatively slow local news day in which most everyone is out of the office, the Oakland Tribune is running this amusing scandal from the archives about Maury Diggs, the builder of the Fox Theater and one of the men responsible for designing Golden Gate Fields as well as San Quentin Prison. The story happened almost a hundred years ago, in 1913, when Diggs and his friend Farley Drew Caminetti, both in their twenties, were arrested for taking their underage mistresses across state lines to Reno.

Both men came from politically connected families, and both were married, so the scandal got a lot of press attention. Reporters later talked about the four-way trysts they would have with their society girlfriends, Marsha Warrington and Lola Norris in Diggs' Sacramento Office.

Diggs and Caminetti each served time for "white slave trafficking" for having transported the girls to Reno one weekend, and both appealed their cases as high as the Supreme Court, arguing that the law should only be applied to prostitution and not affairs of the heart. Diggs ultimately married Warrington when he got out of prison, and the couple lived on Lakeshore Avenue in Oakland until their deaths. And there you have your moment Bay Area tabloid scandal history for this Thanksgiving weekend.