The Daily Cal reports that somewhere around 60 protesters have locked themselves inside Wheeler Hall. And...they're still there! (What happened to the crowbar, cops?)

Wheeler Hall, obviously, is closed for the day. Chancellor Robert Birgeneau sent out the following message to students and faculty:

The campus police are working to resolve a protest action that is occurring in Wheeler Hall ... Employees who can contact their supervisors should talk to them if possible to determine whether telecommuting or relocation to another work area is an option. Those in the building right now are advised to leave until the situation has been resolved.

Also, fire alarms have been set off all over campus. The Daily Cal says that "fire alarms at several campus buildings -- Dwinelle Hall, Barrows Hall, Martin Luther King Jr. Student Union, Moffitt Library and Valley Life Sciences -- went off within the last hour, causing hundreds of students to evacuate the building."

Students and faculty are protesting the UC Regents' decision to increases tuition 32 percent.